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rarely see mrs. kennedy. present at the democratic national convention in los angeles. because of the difficulties --ween her 1956 presidency pregnancy, did mrs. kennedy feel she could not bear losing another baby? >> she had a terrible record in her pregnancy. she had lost a baby to miscarriage in 1965, then as this person points out, she lost a stillborn little girl in 1956, right after that very hot, not air-conditioned -- so she was really just afraid to go. i think what this person is referring to is from april onward in 1960 she did tend to stay at home, though she did go with the future president, president of be, to a parade in october 1960 through manhattan, the canyons of manhattan. she was definitely with child. the child would be john junior. a sense ofys had humor. bradley also has -- have a wife was with child. right after the election was one in hyannisport, he said to the two women, you can take the pillows out, we have one. -- won. >> what role did she play? we talked about -- at what point did john kennedy realized he had a political asset? paris inhey went to
goodness she wasn't in los angeles. >> yeah. >> but to have to go through that yet again. yes, they had been close. >> how concerned was she about security for herself and her children after -- >> terribly concerned after that. she supposedly said if they're killing kennedys, my children could be next. financial and physical security became so important to her. that was probably part of the attraction to mr. onassis. >> four months after rfk's death, she married. >> what happened? >> she was pulled off of the pedestal. people were outraged. many were outraged she would marry anyone at all rather than be an eternal widow, but particularly to marry someone who was this much older, not an american, and who was under some suspicion by the united states government, some of the financial activities. >> do we know that it was a happy relationship? >> i think of something her sister said not too many years ago about someone saying how could she have been attracted to such a man after being married to jack kennedy. her sister said, by the way, who had also had a romance with him prior to her sis
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)

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